Yeezy Season 6 Took Twinning to a Whole New Level

Paris Hilton, Jordyn Woods, Amina Blue and more all joined in on the social media blitzkrieg
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Say what you want about Kim Kardashian West, but don't say she has no talent. The global superstar knows plenty, especially when it comes to social media. Her reign as clapback queen is strong, and with every post, she leaves us hungry for more #NudeSelfies and fragrances we can't physically smell, while also sparking national conversations about what constitutes cultural appropriation.

Back in December, paparazzi-esque images of West running errands around Calabasas emerged and went absolutely viral. So naturally, when it came time for her husband Kanye to present his latest Yeezy collection for Spring 2018 (aka YEEZYSEASON6), he knew just the right person for the job — make that people. 

In an Instagram carpet bomb no one saw coming, we were presented with not one, or two, but several KKW lookalikes — a mötley crüe of influencers, porn stars, and longtime BFF Paris Hilton — each cloned into a spitting image of Kanye's wife and muse. Surprisingly, the images are incredibly relatable. Each model was photographed exiting cars, holding everyday essentials like McDonald's ice cream cones and coffee. 

But these images are more than a millennial marketing strategist's dream. These images communicate some very real commentary about our culture. For one, our aspirations have changed thanks to social media. Why be a doctor or a lawyer when you can get paid to advertise Flat Tummy Tea? Two, we digest information at lightning fast speeds (aka short attention spans), hence the need to go through several of the same images. And three, when we see something on Instagram, we want it. It also brings up questions of individuality — are we all rushing to be the same person?

Kanye West, evidently, is onto something. See some of our favorite #YeezySeason6 looks, below. 




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