L'Officiel Launches $50 Million Fashion Fund

Following the launch of our USA edition of L’Officiel, our parent company Jalou Media Group and investment group GEM have announced a fund to support young creators around the world.

Developed with Gem Group, the $ 50 million fund aims to promote the new sizes of luxury and other high-growth businesses to new consumers: millennials. The digital know-how developed by Jalou Media Group, as well as the international hub that is (representing the 24 international editions of the magazine on a single e-platform) will be at the forefront in the implementation of "The L’Officiel Fund".

With 100 years of experience, Jalou Media Group can provide privileged advertising access and well-honed storytelling to these fast-growing labels. The Parisian group’s aim is to ensure an unique business model and increased action for each new company funded.

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