See Lucy Boynton's Most Daring Red Carpet Looks

One of Hollywood's favorite fashionistas, Boynton has stunned on the red carpet since '06.
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2020 Vanity Fair Oscars

Our latest cover star Lucy Boynton is one of the most exciting actors to watch on the silver screen as well as the red carpet, but the always-stylish Brit has actually been serving looks for longer than most of us may have realized. If you love fashion like we do, you're probably most familiar with her stunning outfits, from everything she's worn on The Politician to her elaborate red carpet gowns that look like they came straight off the runway, but you may not know that Lucy Boynton has been on a serious style journey since she entered the scene in 2006. Lucky for you, we've compiled another style evolution we know you'll love. 


2006 London Premiere of Miss Potter

1595357675902460 2006 miss potter london premiere

Boynton kicked off her acting career at just 12 years old in the 2006 film Miss Potter, playing a young Beatrix alongside Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor, a role that got her nominated for a Young Artist Award. Just as her talent has been apparent from the start, so has her style potential in this adorable, holiday-inspired ensemble at the film's premiere. 

2007 Ballet Shoes Still

1595365468350711 2007 ballet shoes

Though not technically her personal style, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to fawn over the adorable, rare redheaded Lucy in the TV film Ballet Shoes. And who knows, this may be where her love of retro, vintage-inspired garments stems from. 

2015 Empire Awards

1595355345286459 2015 empire awards

One of her earliest red carpet appearances, Boynton shows us she's always known how to make daring fashion choice that ultimately pay off. 

2015 Toronto International Film Festival

1595357537569688 2015 toronto international film festival

As often as her looks are daring, they can also be a touch demure, like with this chic, pale pink coat and floral jumpsuit underneath. 

2016 Sundance Film Festival

1595357546285527 2016 sundance

The statement cape and clashing patterns of this ensemble make it a bold yet fun choice for Boynton's 2016 Sundance look, though the clashing patterns may be another trend that should stay in the 2010s

2016 Premiere of Sing Street

1595357554764034 2016 premiere of  sing street

This floral gown with an edgy leather jacket accent perfectly encapsulate the versatile style we often see from her red carpet looks. 

2017 Pre-BAFTA Party

1595357568621292 2017 pre bafta party

Looking rocker-chic and totally British, Lucy poses coolly ahead of the BAFTA awards. 

2017 Screening of The Blackcoat's Daughter 

1595357576864912 2017  the blackcoat s daughter  screening

This look proves pink has always been and will always be Lucy Boynton's color.

2017 Promo for Gypsy

1595357604068164 2017 street style

Ahead of promoting the Netflix series Gypsy, Boynton looks effortlessly chic chilling on the street.

2017 Premiere of Murder on the Orient Express

1595357618101260 2017 murder on the orient express premiere

This premiere look may have marked the start of the outrageously stylish red carpet looks Lucy is now known for.

2017 L'Orla Resort Dinner

1595357631555597 2017 l orla resort dinner

Introducing: Queen of Florals, Lucy Boynton. 

2018 Miu Miu Presentation at Paris Fashion Week

1595357640782626 2018 pfw miu miu

We'd all love to be front row at Fashion Week, but since those seats are usually reserved for the biggest names in fashion and the arts, we look to the stars to deliver the outfits we'd love to pull off. Lucy Boynton is delivering just what we want in this quintessential LB look, in which she's best described as an über chic and stylish Wednesday Addams. 

2018 Valentino Presentation at Paris Fashion Week

1595357854831785 2018 valentino pfw

Valentino is constantly raising the bar in its collections, just like Lucy as she shines in this metallic look for Valentino at Paris Fashion Week. 

2018 Bohemian Rhapsody Premiere 

1595357861355175 2018 bohemian rhapsody premiere

Frills, pleats, and brocade, oh my! Lucy Boynton's pink explosion at the premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody is both over the top and understated in the best way, intriguing us more and more with every glance. 

2018 British Fashion Awards

1595358475983974 lucy boynton at british fashion awards in london 12 10 2018 0

Boynton once again proves that her appreciation for fashion extends beyond the silver screen and the red carpet as she shows up to support designers and brands at these acclaimed Fashion Awards. 

2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards 

1595357479355276 2019 sag awards

Nominated for the cast's overall Outstanding Performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, Boynton brought drama to this award show outside the big screen with this stunning Erdem gown.  

2019 Santa Barbara Film Festival

1595357470353232 2019 santa barbara film festival

The British actress's bold makeup expertly complements her intricately embellished red carpet look. 

2019 Pre-BAFTA Dinner

1595448784783590 lucy boynton at charles finch chanel pre bafta s dinner at loulou s in london 5

Looking absolutely darling in a classic Chanel tweed suit, this award season look is a stunning mix of modern and vintage.

2019 BAFTA Awards

1595357403732375 2019 bafta awards

Lucy Boynton is never one to turn down a big bow. Her look in this Dior dress is simply unforgettable, especially paired with the eye-catching eye-makeup. 

2019 Oscars

1595357395931582 2019 oscars

A vision in violet, Lucy Boynton's 2019 Oscars look is reminiscent of Old Hollywood Glamour with a fresh feel. 

2019 Met Gala 

1595357388933224 2019 met gala

Possibly the look that solidified her as a style superstar, Lucy Boynton's 2019 Met Gala look lived up to its theme of Camp. A dream of pastel, flowers, and feathers, Boynton debuted a blue 'do that fit right into her captivating Met Gala presentation. 

2019 Look for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

1595357378695017 2019 street style

Lucy stays chic off the red carpet, mixing gingham and polka dot patterns in this retro-inspired number. 

2019 The Politician Premiere

1595357314192637 2019 politician premiere

Just like her absurd yet lovable character Astrid Sloan, Lucy Boynton shows she has impeccable taste and an affinity for fashion at the premiere of Netflix's now-hit series, The Politician

2020 Golden Globes

1595357271011173 2020 golden globes

Boynton kicked off 2020 in a metallic Louis Vuitton frock for this year's Golden Globes. 

2020 Vanity Fair Oscars Party

1595357262128637 2020 vanity fair oscar party

While it may be shocking to remember that actual events and awards shows have taken place this year, (yes, there was a world pre-social distancing), this Lucy look is one we certainly won't forget. But seriously, if you want to be reminded of how long 2020 has been, look here.

2020 Chloé Dinner at Paris Fashion Week

1595357255059313 2020 chloe dinner pfw

Lucy looks like she just stepped off the runway in this high fashion Chloé look at Paris Fashion Week. Though no one is too sure of what the future of Fashion Week looks like, we can trust that Lucy Boynton has plenty more looks in store for us. 


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