Introducing Maisie Wilen, a New Kanye West-Backed Brand

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Yeezy taught me."
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Kanye West newly debuted his fashion incubator program that seeks to provide young creatives in the fashion realm with a financial assistance platform. Maisie Schloss, a Chicago-born, recent Parsons graduate, exemplifies the first case of what West’s program can do in the form of her fall ready to wear line, Maisie Wilen (taking her mother's surname). Schloss was introduced to West through her contributions to the Yeezy label womenswear design team. “Maisie has always had a strong perspective, and we’re truly pleased with her first collection," West shared. 

In an interview with Vogue, she explains, “Yeezy is a really special environment for growing and developing a career. When I started I was just an assistant, but the highly creative and unconventional atmosphere allowed me to have visibility and input in a wide variety of projects.” She speaks highly of West sharing, “Kanye very generously offered to support me; he truly cares about sharing resources, creating opportunities for creatives to grow and be recognized.” 

Maisie Schloss debuted her designs at the Los Angeles friends and family preview on June 5th, which will be followed by the official launch taking place in Paris in late June. Her pieces offer an '80s-'90s inspired eclectic mood—boasting free form pieces grounded through her highly practiced discipline. The aesthetic calls for bright neon shimmery nights and bold street and sportswear for a more casual chic daytime look. 

“My two main visual reference points were rhythmic gymnastics and robotics” she explains the vibe as having dual inspirations, “That was for two reasons: One is that aesthetically I’m really drawn to them [both]; [the other is] that conceptually—and process-wise—it was really a great parallel. I tend to work very methodically and systematically and do everything in a very precise order, but I make things that look playful and light-hearted. If you look at gymnastics, for example, there’s such a regimen of training, but the ultimate product is very beautiful and free-flowing.”

The collection depicts a medley of slinky dresses, skirts, high necklines, baggy pants, and casual T-shirts that accentuate the silhouettes of the models highlighted through neon colorway lighting. Certain skirts and jackets are made from sleek vinyl. An ode to late 20th-century style is seen through gogo-esque swirls, animalistic prints, and bright hypnotizing textile craftsmanship. The cloth is pulled and tucked asymmetrically through rouching so as to drape specifically atop the figure in an ethereal and almost disheveled way. The L.A. manufactured 27 styles and 85 combined pieces will range from around $100 to $950; however, the location of the sale is yet to be announced.

All looks were coupled with a range of Yeezy footwear, from transparent over the knee boots and latex heels to sneakers, and puffy sandals. More inspiration from Yeezy is noticeable in the circular rip like patterns repeated throughout the collection. In terms of West’s young creatives incubator brand, this is one of many to come as Schloss is off to Paris to fulfill her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Maisie Wilen anticipates a promising future by expressing the trends of tomorrow. 

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