Michael Jordan, Greatest Basketball Player of All Time, is also a '90s Fashion Icon

ESPN's new docuseries reveals that Michael Jordan was a fashion king, with no assists.
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Before athleisure was a trend, there was Michael Jordan's '90s style. Everyone knows Michael Jordan for his all-around extraordinary basketball skills, but why not his fashion moments? For someone who rarely watches sports, the new ESPN Michael Jordan documentary highlighted that Jordan was a street style star as much as a great basketball player. The 10-part docuseries, "The Last Dance," discusses the Chicago Bull's dynasty with a central focus on its 1997-98 season. However, the most iconic part so far (for non-ball fans, that is) was Jordan walking around the Champs-Élysées wearing a beret. Nothing is better than a man confidently walking around in a beret. Truly a mesmerizing takeaway from a docuseries on basketball.

For Michael Jordan, he had to be the best at everything. That mentality did not stop with fashion. Michael Jordan had stylized workout outfits and promoted some of the most iconic '90s fashion trends. With his tall build at 6'6" and confident personality, he was the perfect model for oversized suits. He often wore them for press conferences or at the premiere of his legendary performance in Space Jam.

Jordan often set style trends on the court and in practice. On the court, he arguably initiated longer baggy basketball shorts and wore double gold chains (no, 2 Chainz was not the creator of that trend). For practice, Jordan layered his practice jersey over a t-shirt with cut-off sleeves and a wristband usually on his left elbow. In the ultimate fashion influencer move, in 1984, he launched a collection of sneakers, aptly named Air Jordan. His collaboration with Nike is one of the most prolific partnerships in history, and ushered in the era of major sports stars teaming up with sportswear behemoths.

While 90s nostalgia is a major trend these days, no one has really given Michael Jordan his due. His casual outfits consisted of vibrant colors like neon orange or electric blue. To truly represent a day off, he frequently wore tracksuits styled with flat caps. He was as explosive on the court as he was in daily life outfits. Keep reading on for how Michael Jordan killed the fashion game in the '90s with these memorable outfits. 

Oversized Suits 

1588004682983843 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 11588004704025140 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 12
1588004720489368 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 71588004752082467 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 13
Clockwise from top left: Draped Oversized Suit at Warner Bros Studio, Tan Linen Oversized Suit, Brown Oversized Suit with Suspenders and Tucked White Socks, Grey Oversized Suit with Black Mock Turtleneck and Black Beret

Uniform and Workout Outfits 

1588004854649658 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 51588004869137304 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 4
1588004889880047 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 31588004900280105 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 6
Clockwise from top left: Practice Jersey Over a T-shirt With Cut-off Sleeves and a Wristband Near Elbow, Double Gold Chains, Air Jordan 1 Sneakers, a Nylon Electric Blue Tracksuit

Off the Court, Casual Outfits

1588005053518020 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 21588005061543631 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 10
1588005080941071 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 111588005090166634 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 8
1588005099429353 michael jordan 90s style lofficiel 9
Clockwise from top left: Black Beret, Burnt Orange Tracksuit on David Letterman, Air Jordan VII Era Print Shirt, Red Tracksuit with a Flat Cap, Golf Print Shirt With Bright Yellow Pants

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