This Micro Top Will be The New It Item for Summer

Sure to be in the thirst-trap starter pack of the summer, this barely-there top has declared that Hot Girl Summer 2020 is not cancelled just yet.
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In the age of Instagram, fashion trends can now become popular at exponential rates thanks to us being able to see everything our favorite fashion people are wearing seemingly at all times. The summer season in particular seems to lend itself to being able to churn out the most amount of trends in just three short months. This year, the newest summer trend coming in form of what we are calling the silk micro top appears to be no different. Like all the viral summer trends to come before it, such as prairie-core, leopard mini skirts, and pretty much any Reformation dress, this simple silk top is already dominating our Instagram feeds.

Perhaps best described as the cooler younger sister of the silk slip dress that is also full 90's fashion nostalgia, the silk micro top is simply a yard or so of silk fabric secured on the body with a few attached threads to tie on an exposed, bare back. One company leading the charge on this trend is the Instagram-popular brand Areyouami, known for their skin-bearing silhouettes and celebrity customers such as Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa. Their style called the Catli blouse is made of silk and comes in three colors of white (most popular), red and black.


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