Pamela Anderson on the Art of Seduction

We caught up with the icon and activist to talk about her new collaboration with Coco De Mer.
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This week, the 34-piece Pamela loves Coco de Mer collection was launched. The new line is a collaboration between photographer Rankin, lingerie brand Coco de Mer, and brand-new ambassador Pamela Anderson. We spoke to the woman herself about her roles as a mother, icon, activist her dreams for the future.

Read the interview below.


How was it to pose for Rankin? Do you know each other well? 
Rankin is a great photographer. It is always an honor to work with such a great talent. He is very funny and really has his own style. We can always work quickly together. 

Do you feel as comfortable in lingerie as twenty years ago? 
I still feel as comfortable in lingerie as 20 years ago! It is always a bold move, so it takes courage. But I like this feeling. 

How do you stay fit? What does your work-out routine look like? 
I do not do workouts in the traditional sense of the word. I am a vegetarian and I live an active life; For example, I like dancing and walking with my dog ​​on the beach. I like being outdoors!

How do you seduce a man, can you share some tips with us? 
Seduction is a dance, a game. I believe that there is nothing more deadly to romance than the familiar.You also should not be too available and do not always tell him everything. Some things have to keep girls — and boys — for themselves. 

What are you most proud of? 
On my activism and on my sons. 

You are a beautiful mother, are your sons aware of the fact that you were really an icon in the '90s and' 00s? How do they see you? 
Thank you! My sons are 19 and 21 and know everything. You will have to ask them yourself. 

How do you relax? 
I read a lot.


Which music do you listen to? 
I love blues and I love Spanish music, so sexy! And I listen to The Weeknd. 

What do you get a good mood from? 
From my children and my friend. And I like to see that the world is moving forward. I also get a good mood from people who are brave, inspiring and involved, such as Vivienne Westwood and Julian Assange. We always have very serious conversations, but I still get a good mood when I think of them. 

What do you think is a turn-off? 

What do you do in five to ten years? What are your plans and ambitions? 
Oh boy, first let's see if I'm going to get that!

Photos courtesy of Rankin / The Full Service



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