How to Dress Like a Pisces

Channel the ethereal and romantic Water sign’s penchant for blue hues this season.
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Fendi Spring/Summer 2021

As we move one step closer to warmer days, we get ready to embrace Pisces season by tapping into our emotional side with a lot of self-awareness and empathy. Even if we might shed a tear or two in the process, when it comes to fashion, we will want to feel in tune with our minds and our bodies just like this month’s celebrated Water sign.

Known for their dreamy and intuitive personality, Pisces tend to opt for clothing and accessories that enhance their immediate feelings as well as the element they belong to with light boho dresses and satin and organza fabrics in different shades of blue that recall the beauty of the sea.

Feminine and delicate flowy dresses paired with shimmery teal eye shadows are the star sign’s signature look—as seen on famous Piscean artists like Rihanna, Olivia Wilde, and Dakota Fanning both on and off the red carpet.

To kick off the beginning of this sentimental season, L'OFFICIEL gathers some looks from the Spring/Summer 2021 runways to bring some fashion inspo to empathic and artistic Pisces.



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