Filling Pieces Debuts Barneys Collection with Majid Jordan

The Amsterdam-based hype footwear brand launches its first ready-to-wear collection, inspired by the founder and creative director's visit to Guggenheim Museum.
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Guillame Philibert, founder and creative director of Filling Pieces, was an architecture student at 16 and a founder of a luxury footwear brand by 19. His sneakers have since reached the Hadids and Chris Brown, along with collaborations with MR PORTER and Puma. But Philibert has a vision that extends beyond sneakers as he launches the brand's first ready-to-wear colllection with Barneys New York. For his debut outside footwear, the young designer brought back his passion for architecture. "The collection is based on a personal moment I had when I came to New York for the first time, I was 16 at that age, and I was already studying architecture," said Philibert. He drew inspiration from his trip to Guggenheim in New York and paid homage to the museum's legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. "The Guggenheim was built under the design ideology called 'form follows function.' An ideology where the function of the building or piece is actually more important than the aesthetic." 

This idea is reimagined in the collection through bomber jackets with sunglasses pockets, a varsity jacket (that could work as a dress shirt), and cut-up images of Guggenheim museum on hoodies and t-shirts. And for his ready-to-wear debut, the brand chose Canadian R&B duo Majid Jordan as the face of the collection with Barneys. 

The Dutch designer talked to us about his love for Majid Jordan and an upcoming collaboration with adidas Originals designer, Daniëlle Cathari


What was the transition like from designing footwear to designing clothes?

It was very difficult. We’ve been designing footwear for nine years. With footwear, we have four factories that can make any shoes we want, but with clothing it’s so limited because each factory specializes in outerwear, another specializes in jerseys and t-shirts. But I had the right people helping me on this. For example, Daniellë Cathari is helping me with a future collection. We brought together a team that could execute this in the right way.


With Cathari in the picture, do you think you will potentially design a womenswear collection?

At the end of the day, I love the aesthetic and the look of women in general, and how they dress, I think that they’re so elegant. But I do feel that we live in a market right now, especially in the fashion industry, where it’s very unisex. When I brought back some pieces home, all of a sudden my fiancée was wearing my jacket [laughs]. And I really feel that it’s the future of fashion. Daniellë has a very unisex style as well, and I think that’s what I want to focus on. So, I’m not specifically planning for a womenswear collection, but maybe in the future. For now, I want to make pieces that are more universal.


Streetwear certainly has the most versatile style in the industry.

Streetwear became so important and I think that we started with footwear at the right time, and we’re happy to translate that aesthetic within ready-to-wear.


Why did you choose Majid Jordan as the face of the launch?

I’ve been into their music from the early days, since they brought out the tape titled afterhours. They have a song called “Hold Tight,” and I remember listening to that song and being completely into their music — I’ve been such a huge fan of them since. When the campaign came out, we need a face for the collection. We’re a smaller company so we don’t have like “Kendall Jenner” money. We need to find artists and people that inspire me, and Majid Jordan’s music inspires me. It felt so natural to see them in our clothing, especially since they’ve also been wearing our shoes for a while. We reached out to their team and said, “listen guys, we have a campaign planned, we have a collection with Barneys coming out.” The way they make music is like bridging between electronic and R&B, which is very similar to what we do, bridging high-end fashion and streetwear. They bring people together with music, while we bring people together with the products that we make and the vision that we have.


The collection is available exclusively in stores at Barneys New York, Los Angeles, and on See the campaign images with Majid Jordan shot by Steven Taylor, below: 


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