Stefano Gabbana Does Not Consider Sexual Harassment Violence

He revealed this in conversation with British politician Marc Garnier.
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The scandal surrounding harassment is becoming bigger and bigger, and now not only implicates the people involved in the events, but also those who talk about it. Stefano Gabbana recently spoke about what is happening and said that he does not recognize harassment as violence—simply sex—and instead designates it a trend.

"This is not new," Gabbana said when discussing the topic with Marc Garnier, a British politician. "Luchino Visconti invited Helmut Berger and Alain Delon to go to bed... but listen, it's up to you. It's true. Everybody knows. In 20 years you will say: 'Ah! He touched my ass. This is not violence.'"

Continuing on with the topic, the designer went deep into Italian history. "Who does not have sex? Who knows about it? " — says the designer. "Now sex is a trend, but sex is an old story. We are Italians. We came from the Roman Empire. We know this very well. "


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