Embrace the Shade with Our Top Sunglasses for Summer

Protect your eyes from the harshness of the sun—and look good while doing it.
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Image courtesy of Francis de Lara

We may not have a Green New Deal yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself from the impending climate change in style. Classic houses: Persol and Christian Roth are introducing classic frames made famous by Tom Cruise and Kate Moss respectively. Collaborations are at the forefront of sunglasses innovation. Martine Rose and Myklta are bringing whimsicality to the craft with their upside-down lenses, while Kelly Rowland and Smoke x Mirrors make shades that are ready for battle. And if the world is really on it’s way out why not do it with a bang. Noted fashion photographer John-Paul Pietrus founded Francis de Lara while studying at the prestigious jewelry school Metallo Nobile, Pietrus came up with the idea to create the first fine jewelry eyewear brand inspired by the women of the Renaissance paintings who were decked out in jewelry but not eyewear.

Scroll down below to see our favorite shady picks.


When Stephanie Pfiender Stylander released her fashion monograph The Untamed Eye in 2018, the cover- a 17-year-old Kate Moss wearing the Series 4001 caused a new resurgence of interest in the frames. Despite their popularity, the original 4001 are hard to find so it's best to pick them up ASAP!

1993 Sunglasses, $300, available at Christian Roth



Aviators, but make them modern. That is what eyewear brand Kaleos did with their new limited edition Jeffries drop. Limited to 150 units the shades feature a chic titanium bar welded to form the bridge.

Jeffires Sunglasses, $395, available at Kaleos


This one of a kind sterling silver gold-plated “Eve” glasses from Francis de Lara took over 700 hours to make in Italy. The details are immaculate: the serpent adorned with emeralds, the tourmaline apple that hangs down the side like a drop down earring, along with the glistening pink sapphires, and cognac diamonds.

Eve Emerald & Diamond Gold-Plated Glasses, $25,542, available at Matchesfashion


It’s fitting that Giorgio Armani provided much of the wardrobe for Miami Vice because these Giorgio Armani Signature shades capture the sleek sophistication of the brand. Available in three colors, with the sleek brand name on top they are perfect for the beach or showing another beach up!

Giorgio Armani Signature Collection, $330 available at Armani 


It sounds cliche, but it is truly hard to Keep Up With Kim Kardashian. The mogul is currently studying for the bar, but she also has a collaboration out with Carolina Lemke. This Sahara pair is inspired by a shield and at $90 they are certainly a steal

Sahara Sunglasses, $90 available at Carolina Lemke


While we patiently wait for Kelly Rowland’s next album, the singer’s collection with Smoke x Mirrors hits all of the right notes. The brushed gunmetal aviators with their brown lens are fit for a soldier or a commander.

Pony I Sunglasses, $345 available at Barneys


This futuristic Andy Wolf frame is perfect for any sunny day or shading someone on the subway. While the brand is based in Austria with a team of 50 people, the glasses have worldwide appeal. Clients include Bella Hadid, Solange, and Rihanna.

Ojala Sunglasses, $350 available at Opening Ceremony


These 2-in-1 Martin Rose x Myklta sunglasses will turn your world upside down, litterally. The green and black leopard print shades were inspired by children's love of wearing sunglasses upside down, but the pair can also be worn downside up. And now the pair are available on SSENSE's annual sale, so now is the time to turn your wallet inside out!

Leopard SOS Sunglasses, $442 available at SSENSE 


Thom Browne, the unofficial principal of preppy has these sleek, futuristic aviators in silver and navy perfect for those who love a light lens. The pair also comes in gold, for those who are looking to live their lives like their golden.  


Silver & Navy sunglasses, $700 available at Thom Browne


Whether you are fighting the New York city heat, the crowded subway at rush hour or simply an adult Cadet Kelly fan- these Prada SPR12V glasses are it! This square cat eye will have you ready for combat, even if it's just a sample sale.

SPR12V sunglasses available at Barneys


These Y5 sunglasses from Kuboraum make me feel nostalgic. The Barbie pink, the swimwear goggle-style frame reminds me of Jennifer Coolidge's character in A Cinderella Story. Whether they are Chaotic Good or Lawful Evil, the frames are designed in Berlin, produced in Italy and those of dreams.

Y5 Sunglasses IN Fuschia, $360, available at Dover Street Market New York

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