Supreme’s Anticipated Collab With Mike Kelley is Launching Thursday

Like many of their previous drops, Supreme knows how to grab your attention.
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Image courtesy Supreme and Mike Kelley

When it comes to producing industry-shaking collaborations, Supreme knows how to get the job done. Following their infamous Louis Vuitton collection released on September 6, and surprising Nan-Goldin collab, the streetwear brand has announced the theme for its upcoming one, this time borrowing the work of the late artist Mike Kelley.

Kelley, who passed away at 57, made large contributions to the American art scene. Probably most infamous are his sculptural works involving stuffed animals as his subjects, no doubt influenced by his Destroy All Monsters days. The artist became known for creating works that ranged anywhere from cynically nostalgic to borderline religious blasphemy, a style he developed while at the California Institute of the Arts. 

For the collection, Supreme will be featuring of few of Kelley's works, notably a knitted plush doll which was once featured on Sonic Youth’s album, Dirty. Other pieces will include photographs of various plush toys, black and white art, and of course the stitched Supreme logo (no box-logos, here). With hoodies, t-shirts, crewnecks, jackets and even skateboards, this collection will no doubly sell-out within minutes of the release.

But then again, when has Supreme ever been known to serve lukewarm drops?

Customers who live in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tokyo can shop the collection this week. And as for those who don’t live in any of this cities, there’s always the resell market to count on. 



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