The Highlights of Couture Spring 2018

From seeing double at Margiela's show to Vauthier's rectangular bedazzled sunglasses— this year's couture was extra rebellious.
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Morgan Saint - "You"

Mention to someone that you’re staying at the Chateau Marmont and their first response is likely to involve a celebrity—more specifically, a celebrity sighting. A celebrity spotted eating at the Chateau’s al fresco patio restaurant or sunning themselves by the canopy-lined, guests-only pool. A celebrity seen, in passing, along one of the cloistered hallways or huddled among the hotel’s intimate nooks that seem made for hushed, high-powered meetings. Indeed, it would seem that the very design of the Chateau—intimate, walled-off, sequestered—lends itself to these brushes with cultural elites and industry moguls, which only adds to the destination’s mythical status, a veritable Shangri-La on Sunset Boulevard where anyone can, if even for the briefest of moments, brush shoulders with the icons of an age. After all, Hollywood is where the aspiring come to make it big. And, if they are the moths, the Chateau continues to be one of the brightest of flames.



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One might argue awards season is its own kind of sport. The actors have gone through plenty of training to get to this point, and as insiders know, a lot of the winners' list has to do with who dominates the campaigning game. In this spirit, what better service to use than Fubo TV? The sports-focused platform has an arrivals special on schedule for ahead of the show, so you can follow the looks play by play, and you can even record the event if you're busy in the early evening on January 5. We also have a feeling Fubo TV will have great content in store during the Olympics this summer, so it may be the perfect platform to try in 2020.



Hartwood restaurant on the main beach road first opened in 2010 and is an early adopter and influencer of today’s hipster Tulum. People often divide Tulum into the beach and the town, and while the town is still pretty down-to-earth, the playa is a luxury twee Xanadu for Williamsburg and Silver Lake gentrifiers with boho-chic shops hocking $4,000 ponchos and deluxe beach tents for $300-a-night. We mostly stayed away, but Hartwood was an exception I’d recommend making. If you can get a reservation, you’ll find everything is delicious, locally-sourced, and cooked over an open-fire wood-burning oven. Renowned for their gourmet fare and environmentally-conscious approach, they compost all waste and the restaurant is run on solar power. While the white-fish ceviche and grilled octopus were to die for, vegetarians can rejoice because the most divine dish was truly the roasted beet with avocado-habanero crema sauce.

“It’s such an honor playing Nico because I feel I give a voice to all the Asian kids out there who have been looking for somebody to relate to and look up to.” —Lyrica Okano


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