Tortoise is the Next Trend in Animal Print

After the prominence of clothing mimicking leopard spots and snakeskin, turtle textures are coming back into fashion.
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There's no denying that animal print is dominating the fashion universe. Bold and powerful, the trend finds new iterations each season to open up a new range of stylish options. Whether leopard print midi skirts, snakeskin, or even cow print (RIP Raf Simons' tenure at Calvin Klein), the animal-inspired aesthetic can add power to any part of a look, from bold footwear to the ever-trendy-in-2019 hair accessories. Now, the time has come for tortoise print to enter the spotlight and every fashion person's wardrobe.


The new trend, fitting to its inspiration being a literal shell, most often shows up on items made of hard materials rather than fabrics, but its popularity is growing as fast as a turtle is slow. Since the beginning of the year, Pinterest has seen a 679% increase in “turtle earrings” searches, making this a major fashion trend heading into the end of 2019. Discreetly, it's been making its mark everywhere, from eyeglass frames to buckles, boots, and bags. The look seems certain to be all over street style once fashion month arrives in a couple weeks, and in the meantime it's hot for anyone looking to curate an eye-catching summer aesthetic on Instagram.

Check out photos of the look below, and get ready for a turtle-filled fall.









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