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Netflix to Launch New Food Crisis Doc Rotten

"If you eat food, this is an issue you need to worry about."
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Netflix has just released the trailer for its latest documentary, Rotten. The six-part series will look at underground corruption in the food industry, from the "Honeygate" scandal to a hard look at where our food is really coming from — and what's in it. The trailer is dark and dramatic, but appropriately so: the food industry is among the world's most broken, with massive profit-wage gaps, health side effects, and climate change consequences (it is the leading industry in carbon emissions). And, as the clips states, "No one's hands are clean."

The investigative series tackles a similar issue to Netflix's critically acclaimed film Okja, released earlier this year, that tells the fictional story of a girl who grows up to love, and eventually must save, a genetically-engineered "superpig." Clearly, someone at the streaming service is paying attention to to the global food crisis (and thankfully so).

Rotten premieres on Netflix on January 5th. Watch the trailer below.


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