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Stanley Kubrick's Long Lost Screenplay Has Been Found

20 years after the death of one of America's most famous directors, could there be another feature film on the horizon?
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If there were a face for sustainability in fashion, it would belong to Stella McCartney. Since the launch of her eponymous label, the British designer has shown an unwavering commitment to tackling environmental issues, even while the rest of the industry tends to turn a blind eye. Her brand is known for its ethical business practices, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and an arsenal of sustainable fabrics (including its own faux fur, which Stella championed way before it was cool).

Put simply, Stella McCartney does things differently — even when it comes to designing shoes. Case in point: the Loop sneakers, the brand's latest footwear offering that was first unveiled at its Fall 2018 show.

"You Must Love Me"
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Look 20
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Look 30

SpiceUp — An Exhibition About The Spice Girls is being held at the Business Design Centre in London. For more information, visit

"I've always wanted to be a swimsuit model," he explains of the band name, Swimsuit Issue. "Imitation is the highest form of flattery."

What were you thinking about as you created it?

How much I love Taco Bell and how great their Cool Ranch Dorito shell is.


Where did the inspiration come from?

From drinking an iced jug of Cherry Mountain Dew—it would make me feel invincible.


What does the piece mean to you?

It means the whole story is perfect. It means that it is all written in the stars. Lost but not forgotten.


Underground America GATEKEEPERS (2013) in Korine’s studio, Nashville, TN Oil, latex, house paint, and spray paint on canvas 82 x 71 inches (208.3 x 180.3 cm) Private collection

Soho Farmhouse sits on 100 acres of land in the Oxfordshire countryside. Consisting of 40 houses scattered throughout the territory, each cottage has four rooms and each farmhouse has seven. In addition to the beautiful British landscape, members of this club can actually enjoy the outdoors thanks to the boathouse, the outdoor (and indoor) cinema, the tennis courts and the stables. Of course, there is also a spa for those Soho House members who prefer to admire nature from a distance.

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