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The New Black Mirror Trailer Will Give You Chills

The first episode of season 4, directed by Jodie Foster, is coming soon.
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Netflix's Black Mirror has breathed new life into the thriller genre, consistently churning out stories that bring technology-induced nightmares to life. Basically, it's a Twighlight Zone for the modern era. A new trailer has just been released for the show's upcoming fourth season, and it looks as chill-inducing as ever. 

The first episode, titled "Arkangel," is directed by none other than Jodie Foster (who has starred in her fair share of horror flicks). In the trailer, we see Rosemary DeWitt (La La Land) as a mother who freaks out after almost losing her daughter at a playground. The incident seems to inspire her to try out a new parenting method that involves her daughter, Sarah, being injected with some kind of substance that she's ensured is entirely safe (knowing this show, we can assure that it is not). The trailer then tells us that "The key to good parenting is control," and that's all we get. One thing that makes this series so thought-provoking is how technology is never itself positioned as being evil, but rather something that tests us and (most often) brings out our worst qualities.

We say "most often" because it's not just the show's dark side that has earned it accolades; the heartwarming season three episode, "San Junipeiro," about a lesbian couple seeking solace in an undisturbed eternity together is what nabbed the series two Emmys this year. Given the popularity of that story, we're hoping that the upcoming season's six episodes might include one or two lighter archs. 

Black Mirror's official season four premiere date has yet to be announced, but it should be soon. In the meantime, watch the trailer for yourself below.

Black Mirror Season Four


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