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The Heathers Reboot Trailer Promises Plenty of Snark

This will not be the Heathers you remember.
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Set over Marilyn Manson's cover of Soft Cell's 1981 hit "Tainted Love," the trailer for the new TV-series reboot of Heathers, pays homage to its predecessor, but is a snarky beast all its own. These aren't the rich, preppy girls Winona-Ryder-as-Veronica met in 1988. In fact, the Heathers aren't anything you'd expect them to be, each subverting a norm that the original Heathers firmly implanted — a genderqueer Heather? Yes. Where the original was entrenched in naive wholesomeness of high school, the new Heathers is loud and proud, and equally offensive (but all in good fun). 

"Fat kids can be popular" says the principal, increduously. "The preferred term is body positive," chimes in someone. "What about the Asian kids? And the gender queer?" No one is left unscorched in the plot to kill Heather Chandler.

Wishing there was just an ounce of nostalgia? Don't worry, Shannon Doherty makes an appearance — three episodes, in fact. 

Heathers Trailer



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