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The Vintage Versace in the New American Crime Story Is Real

Well, some of it.
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Although the Versace family has disparaged Ryan Murphy's new iteration of his anthology series "American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace" as fiction, that doesn't mean aspects of it aren't real—for example, the clothes. Despite the fact that the House of Versace didn't work on with the movie's team at all, the costume designer, Lou Eyrich, made a point to source vintage '90s Versace pieces in order to truly honor the brand. "I had the utmost respect and dedication to making sure we showed anything Versace in the best light," said Eyrich.

However, because the show jumps back and forth in time, we'll be able to see multiple years' collections. "We had a scene set in the early 1990s that was supposed to show the audacity and sex appeal of the Versace brand. We studied the imagery of the famous [Fall '92] Miss S&M collection and were drooling over all the leather, fringe and Western detailing," another designer, Allyson Leach, disclosed to Fashionista. This means viewers won't just see the progression of the brand—we'll be able to gawk and drool at pieces we've forgotten existed, or never seen before.

Most pieces were sourced online or at vintage boutiques, particularly those for Penelope Cruz as Donnatella Versace. However, for some more iconic looks, the design team was forced to recreate the pieces kind-of-but-not-exactly, seeing as there was no cooperation from the brand itself. Part of what we can look forward to? A hand-sewn, just-barely-off recreation of Gianni Versace's last haute couture runway show in 1997. Brace yourselves.



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