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Zendaya Might Be Ariel in the Latest Adaptation of The Little Mermaid

This film joins the ranks of rumored live-action renditions of Disney movies, including Dumbo, The Lion King, Aladdin, and Milan.
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Who didn’t grow up watching the classic Disney cartoon The Little Mermaid? In any case, the fans have certainly have been numerous enough for the film to earn itself a live action adaption with real actors. Here’s what we know. Our bet has always been on Lindsay Lohan but, based on the rumors we’ve been hearing, we might’ve been wrong…but we’re not disappointed at all! According to new information, Zendaya is being reviewed for the protagonist role.

The film has already been confirmed by Disney Studios and will be directed by Rob Marshall (The Return of Mary Poppins), produced by Alan Menken—not to mention a soundtrack from none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton). Let’s not forget that two more films about Ariel are currently in production. While our very own cover star Chloë Grace Moretz is expected to star as the heroine in Universal’s adaptation, a third is still under wraps on the indie movie circuit.

Let the games begin!


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