Craig Green's Fall 2018 Campaign Features a Windmill on a Cliff

The menswear designer's latest seasonal ad reinterprets his penchant for sculpture.
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Craig Green keeps taking the meaning of structure in fashion to a new level. Following an earlier campaign which set his signature body sculptures on fire, windmills are the face of the designer's fall collection, making a stunning commentary on our ephemeral society.

The campaign shows the windmills, which are 40 feet tall, by a cliff in Dorset, a county in southwest England. Colorful latex covers the wooden structures, bringing together a natural, traditional material to one which seems more synthetic, yet still rots over time. The photos, shot by Dan Tobin Smith, show each windmill in a coastal calm before introducing smoke. This creates an artful chaos which reminds the world nothing is permanent.

Green's ongoing sculptural statements, constantly playing with time and sustainability, provoke conversation for much more than their sheer scale and complexity. The designer's interest effectively proves him to be aware of the nature of our current culture, which in the age of Instagram, will fall in love with a trend fast--and in a big way--before dropping it like it never existed. Windmills themselves were important in the industrial area, then went through a period of irrelevance outside of decoration before earning a reputation as the future of sustainability.

With this campaign, it seems Green is staying true to his roots, melding interests of fashion and sculpture to create a spectacle with an important message. He's hitting on this angle at the right time, making a statement that will last beyond anything made simply to go viral on Instagram.



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