KVRT STVFF's Provocative Mystery Will Make You Sweat

No one knows who's behind the men's activewear brand, but an anonymous source told us a bit more about the pieces' undeniable confidence.
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KVRT STVFF is fresh to the market with a modern range of exquisitely designed essentials, having burst onto the luxury menswear scene last year in a pool of confident sweat. Featuring 16 new garments in a sleek, uniform collection, the brand is establishing its evasive identity through the intricacy of each piece. On the one hand, this evasiveness is quite literal, as the brand keeps details about whoever is behind it tightly under wraps, but more importantly (and perhaps related), KVRT STVFF wants to avoid any specific label. Detached from any male stereotype, this range exudes a fierce strength for the wearer to feel bold and confident in their own skin, which only becomes more alluring upon viewing the artfully provocative photographs of each black-and-white piece. It’s empowering, it’s visually appealing, and it’s especially mysterious. To learn more about the clothing and its elusively intriguing presentation, we were able to speak with an anonymous voice about the company’s ideals and mission as a brand. Read what they had to tell us, and imagine for yourself just who this expert may be, below.


Congrats on the launch of KVRT STVFF. To kick things off, how should we pronounce the name of your brand? 

It should be pronounced as if the Vs were Us.

The idea behind KVRT STVFF is an interesting one – as you’re here to reinvent the concept of sportswear while highlighting the male body. Where did this idea to launch a brand come from?

When watching different men training, we realized that the clothes they wear do not manage to transmit the self-confidence they display. Therefore, we decided to create clothes that are not only functional but that also reflect that attitude. Comfortable designs with materials that are fit for training, and quality finishes that also have patterns and details that highlight men’s anatomy. Our clothes don’t hide men’s shapes - they boost them with cuts and patterns that provide our collection with a provocative character. Our goal is that you feel comfortable when training, as well as powerful - a feeling of strength and power for all men. So our idea is to go beyond sports clothing as such thanks to his new perspective that reclaims and empowers men’s sexuality.

The first collection is a tightly edited one – can you tell me a little bit about the items that you decided to focus on for your debut collection?

We were very sure that we wanted to communicate a forceful message and that we would use any necessary elements to build this image. That’s why we did not focus on only one type of product but in all items of clothing that we think are essential to powerfully communicate our message. We created tops, shorts, swimsuits, and underwear not only because they define our brand as a sports one, but also because these items naturally make men’s bodies stand out and make men feel attractive. We also created some accessories that round out our concept - for instance, our keyring with a trainer whistle or our reflective harness.

The motto is "Ready to Sweat." What’s the message behind this?

It is one of the characteristics that unite all our products: they are meant for any situation in which a man will break a sweat.

KVRT STVFF is designed in the KVRT STVDIO. Where’s the design HQ home base?

Our KVRT STVDIO is located in Barcelona and it’s where the whole creative process of our brand takes place, from the development of ideas for our collection to patterns and prototypes. Since one of the characteristics of our clothes is that they’re designed to highlight men’s anatomy, it’s very important for us to create, correct and modify every pattern ourselves so that the designs all thoroughly meet our brand’s requirements.

The debut collection takes inspiration, in some part, from the basketball courts in Williamsburg. What is it about this that is inspiring from a design point of view?

We were walking the streets of Williamsburg and we found especially surprising the attitude and self-confidence that basketball players display on the courts. We could see this in their body language, in the courts themselves, and in the basketballs that they were using. We decided to take all of this as an inspiration when we started designing our first collection, to transfer all of the qualities we sensed to our clothes.

There’s this whole mentality of "NO FEAR. NO SHAME" in your design ethos. Can you tell me a little bit more about this?

At the end of the day, everything is a matter of attitude and of satisfaction with one’s choices. To us, physique is not important. Feeling confident in your own body and being proud of the goals you achieve is what matters to us. “NO FEAR. NO SHAME” is a statement of intent: don’t be scared or ashamed to show your power and to feel attractive.

Are your clothes meant for working out? Or fashion? Or both?

All our clothes are indeed meant for working out, although there is a great fashion component to them. We’ve translated fashion into sports clothing instead of translating the aesthetics of sport into fashion clothing.

You’re anonymous. We don’t know who you are – which intrigues us even more. Any clues you can give us to try and figure it out?

We prefer that the interest is focused on our work rather than ourselves. We believe it’s more important to communicate our brand’s message instead of explaining who is behind it.

Who is the ideal KVRT STVFF man?

A man who feels powerful and satisfied with himself, and who is not afraid or ashamed to show it. This does not mean having a particular type of body - it’s a combination of attitudes and interests, and a way of thinking that can welcome any man who relates to them, regardless of physique.

What can we expect from the next collection?

Although it’s under development, so it’s still early to go into details, we can already share that we’re working on new shapes and using new materials.




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