Louis Vuitton Men's Spring 2019

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Photography Tiffany Dawn Nicholson Styling Michelle Carroll


The Darkest Minds Trailer

Sixty-six years and counting – what do you consider the qualities of the Max Mara coat that have made it such an enduring icon?

Quite simply, the design and quality, as well as how we think about different women all over the world when we create our coats.


Which coats do you always end up wearing?

One of them is the coat that you have on now, the Max Mara 101801, which was created in 1981 and has kimono sleeves. I love a coat that I can wear and keep for 15 to 20 years – a contemporary piece. The coat is really important because it’s something that can make women feel protected.

"When I go past my limits, I take five minutes and close my eyes and reconnect. Just as we charge our phones, I do that with my mind."

Clinique x Marimekko Pop Splash Lip Gloss

Real talk, these fun-sized cylinders have been touring the jacket pockets of beauty aficionados forever. The draw here is, of course, the Marimekko-designed caps, which carry a certain cool factor when being pulled out of a bag. Further, Clinique delivered with a forgiving formula that is a total upgrade from the characteristically heavy ones they’ve produced in the past.



Prince William met Kate Middleton at St. Andrews University in Scotland. They dated for years, between comings and goings, until they were married in April 2009. They now have two children adored by the public: Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and await the third heir. 

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