Magliano Men's Spring 2020

Magliano's newest collection looks to Ancient Greece for the libertine Mediterranean sailor.
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Emotional anthropology and surgical tailoring. For Luca Magliano the rules are made to be subverted. For the Spring 2020 collection, the vases of ancient Greece are printed with erotic motifs, for a new twist on the beaches of Mykonos. The collection takes an extravagant journey among polka dots, crippled laces, acid combinations, and pinstriped cropped jackets, with boho twine circling the waist instead of a traditional belt. But the Magliano man is also a wide-tied urban dandy, a freak, a clubber who sports contrasting bombers in neon shades, neon which also appears in glasses worn with shiny lilac moccasins. The collection is also inspired by the figure of Pier Vittorio Tondelli, author of the '80s cult book Other Libertines. Shocking for its time, the text offers a gory lens on the world, packed with foul language and blasphemies in the style of Bret Easton Ellis. The story follows a utopian community of libertines driven by the need to sail the Mediterranean, in search of an identity they perhaps do not want to define.


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