Michael B. Jordan Teaches You to Box

The Creed actor teaches Rocky Balboa fanatics to box in head-to-toe Nike and lets us in on his training secrets.

More than a proving ground or a gritty stage for an eternal rivalry, boxing remains one of the noble sports that matures a boy into a man, at least in film, like in 2015 flick Creed, which saw Michael B. Jordan alongside Sylvester Stallone, aka the original Rocky. The two team up again in the sequel Creed 2, with Nike being the official partner of Jordan on-screen and off. To mark the partnership, the actor lists his 10 commandments of boxing in a new video. In training, nothing is left to chance—especially not the equipment. In the video, Nike captures the perfect outfit during a small warm-up session. Worn by Jordan himself, the gear takes on a new weight and would make anyone want to put themselves in the shoes of Creed 2 lead Adonis Johnson.

Michael B. Jordan and Nike Teach You to Box



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