Mexican Actor Sebastián Aguirre Should be on Your Radar

L’Officiel had the pleasure of spending the day with the relaxed, contemplative and confident young man—a worthy representation of Gen Z.
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Sebastián Aguirre Böeda enters our location for the day: a coffee shop in the center of Mexico City that seems to have been trapped in the 1950s. Totally relaxed and with a cigarette in his ear, the 20-year-old is completely secure with himself and his craft. Acting is what he is most passionate about.

Sebastián has been acting since he was nine years old and, a mere ten years later, he has already secured an Ariel Award for Best Male Revelation in 2015—a prestigious national honor he earned thanks to his role in Obediencia Perfecta (a tale about the abuse scandals surrounding Father Marcial Maciel) at the age fourteen. Since then, the young man’s name has resounded across the Mexican film industry.

“I would love to work with [Güeros de Alonso Ruizpalacios] again. I was very small when I did that film and there were so many things that I didn’t do. I feel like if I were to work with that team again, I would do it more consciously.”

Jacket: Louis Vuitton, Coat: Ferragamo, Sweater: Silver Deer, Pants and Shoes: Hermès

Sixteen is an age of questioning (both internal and external) for all of us including, it seems, Sebastián. What do I love to do? What should I focus my time and efforts in? The young actor hasn’t hesitated to try his hand at various mediatic spheres from photography to film direction but, for now, he has decided to focus on acting.

Jacket and shirt: Bottega Veneta, Pants: Silver Deer, Sweater: Ferragamo

In 2016, Sebastián participated in Manolo Caro’s screwball Tales Of An Immoral Couple and, this year, he has mounted the theatrical stage alongside the cast of The Dead Poet Society, the stage adaptation of the 1989 Oscar-winning film. When asked whether he had a preference between film and theatre, the actor responds: “I feel more comfortable in the world of cinema. It’s like my home. I was born there. [This play] is the first time that I’ve gone into theatre and I’ve learned a lot. It’s been a great experience.”

As we make our way through the heart of Mexico City, Sebastián tells me about his plans for this year. After the play, he’ll be jetting off to Paris to study acting and to experience the French film and theatre industry. Other than that (as if that wasn’t exciting enough), the actor has made it his mission to work with Mexican talents as much as possible.

“I would love to work with Guillermo del Toro or Carlos Reygadas,” he says.


Until then, you can watch Sebastián Aguirre Böeda perform alongside the wonderful cast of Dead Poets Society at the Lebanese Theatre in Mexico City, Mexico. 


Photography: Manuel Zúñiga

Creative Direction and Styling: Hernán Esquinca

Makeup and Hair: Stephanie Sznicer

Talent: Sebastián Aguirre

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