Dissecting Virgil Abloh's First Collection for Louis Vuitton Men's

Relive the historic show that everyone is—and will be—talking about forever.
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Rainbow on the Runway

Recall that Virgil Abloh, by trade, is an architect, hence the choice of location and set design of his first show for Louis Vuitton, with a rainbow runway as the show's brightest element. While Virgil himself did not divulge his reasoning, it was an obvious nod to the Wizard of Oz theme of the défilé and a fitting choice considering June is also Pride Month


Celebrity Guests, Celebrity Models

Abloh has become a fixture in the hip-hop world ever since his infamous collaborations with Kanye West, and subsequently through the cult following he gained from the early days of his brand, Off-White. Rappers Playboi Carti and Kid Cudi walked down the runway, while Kanye West and A$AP Rocky took their posts along the sidelines of the catwalk. Let's not forget to mention that both Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner were there to take in the magic, too. 

The most touching moment of the show, however, came towards the finale, when Abloh made his way over to Kanye for an embrace. Haters have speculated, asking if the designer would have landed the gig at Vuitton were it not for his friendship with Mr. West. But as we saw today,  there is no doubting Abloh's talent, passion, and creativity. Everything he has he has earned on his own merits. 


A Clean Slate

The show began and ended with the release of several models dressed in white. More precisely, not pure white, but different pastel shades (think ivory, alabaster, cream, etc.) It was a symbolic choice — one that represents a clean slate for both Vuitton as a fashion house and Abloh as a designer, according to this post on Instagram



Sprinkles of workwear and uniform-like ensembles were inevitable considering Abloh's usual design aesthetic worked (think his Off-White industrial belts with HYIP around them). But for Louis Vuitton, he seems to have elevated these motifs in the form of voluminous waistcoats with a bunch of patchwork pockets, gloves made in a similar style, silvery cloaks and wide working pants in acid trip colors. This is a collection that relies on cool, both in design and execution. 


Holographic Chic

The new Men's It-bag is here. While we saw this magical piece during a preview of the collection, it still feels like the first time. Get ready to see this accessory storm your Instagram feeds, as both celebrities and street style pros alike will be o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with this one. 


Gift Bags Galore 

All guests were presented with a gift: a plastic capsule with a t-shirt inside. Similar plastic cylinders were placed around the set, transmitting a sense of nostalgia. On Instagram, Abloh wrote that he made a print for the t-shirt when he tested the copier during his first days at the French fashion label. 


See the show's finale below: 

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