Would You Buy This $200 Designer Plastic Bag?

Yes, you read that correctly.

From the creator of $200 duct tape: a €200 (~$236) plastic shopping bag with Raf Simons. The designer's collaboration with Voo Store is an eyebrow-raiser to some and an eye-roller to others. The limited edition piece has Raf Simons brand shows printed on both of its transparent sides and, in an ironic twist of material, is made of other, recycled plastic bags. But wait, there’s more: included with purchase is a black drawstring sack that adds a layer of depth to the product.

Though it’s not the first brand to warp ideas of material and high-fashion (see Moschino's cardboard couture for FW17) it definitely won’t be the last. But until the next 300 percent markup, we’ll enjoy this bout of fashion mania.




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