"Kick The Door" is Rising Artist Betta Lemme's Fight Song

The new single, premiering on L'Officiel USA, uses both French and English lyrics to spread a message of overcoming fear.
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When rising musician Betta Lemme is working on a new track, she often finds icons to be a fruitful place to start. She has worked out an imagined musical family, with Stromae and Lady Gaga as her siblings and Freddie Mercury and Gwen Stefani as the parents, and her recent single "Give It" blended Britney Spears with Nine Inch Nails. New track "Kick The Door," which officially launches tomorrow, takes its inspiration from a Quentin Tarantino fight scene in a powerful dance song premiering right here on L'Officiel USA.



As a Montreal-based artist of Italian descent, Lemme brings three languages together in her work, blending together her cultures as seamlessly and powerfully as she does with her inspirations. After starting her career with a feature on indie duo Sofi Tukker's "Awoo," the musician debuted her trilingual solo sound with "Bambola," a glittery single that has since built her platform in countries including Italy and France as well as accumulated over 50 million views on YouTube. After using a mysterious pink door to tease "Give It," she's now kicking it down to introduce the most aggressive installment yet in her danceable, cinematic sound.

The song starts with suspenseful instrumentals reminiscent of a Wild West film, then breaks into an anthem that alternates between English and French. In the verses, the song's intensity takes a backseat to Lemme's softer side the world knows through her Sofi Tukker feature, but the artist always comes back to fight, in vocal rebounds that relate to the single's bold message.

"The song is about kicking through the bullshit, insecurities, and fear," Lemme said of the meaning behind "Kick the Door." "Everything we really truly want is on the other side of fear, whether it’s breaking up with someone or whether it’s asking for what we want, and being unapologetic with our true selves."

While no one knows yet whether the song will end up in an actual movie fight scene one day or simply help listeners to psych themselves up for important conversations, "Kick the Door" proves that Lemme is determined to be a real force in music. With a powerful dance sound and an ability to cater to fans of varying languages within the same song, the rising artist seems set to infiltrate clubs around the world as she builds her name.

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