Björk Shares Gorgeous New Video for "Utopia"

The artist conjured an ethereal world worthy of the Utopia title track.
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Following Björk's beautifully dark and harrowing album, 2015's Vulnicura, which detailed her painful split from longtime partner Matthew Barney, the artist has seemingly come back to life with the recently released Utopia. The hopeful album's accompanying visuals have been nothing short of stunning, largely featuring surrealist worlds and alien-looking beings (herself included). Her video for "The Gate" even included a custom gown made by Gucci's Alessandro Michele that took 870 hours to make.

Today, Björk releases the video for the album's title track in the same aesthetic vein. "Utopia" sees an otherworldly Björk (complete with her alien facial prosethetics) serenading the landscape of her creation, with similar creatures of varying shades of blush swaying to her flute-playing as some type of magical dust floats through the air. It's an enlivening insight into the artist's seemingly flourishing mind, and her own vision of paradise — a trip we'd take any day. 

Watch the video for "Utopia" below. 

Björk - "Utopia


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