Carlie Hanson Just Released the Song of the Summer

Pop's brightest new star can't stop releasing incredible and infectious tracks.
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Carlie Hanson’s new track, “Mood,” is destined to be the song of the summer. For starters, the singer plays right into those school-free feelings of late nights, long drives, and summer love. “Really don’t care if we doing nothing,” she sings between repetitions of “that’s my mood, that’s my mood.” It’s instantly catchy — six plays in and you won’t know where it starts or ends.

Second, it’s been co-written with Leland, the songwriter who helped bring Troye Sivan’s tracks “Bloom,” and “My My My!” to life this year. That’s just the tip of his credits — Selena Gomez’s “Fetish,” anyone? For production, Hanson tapped A.G. Cook, the man behind music collective PC Music, and sole producer behind Charli XCX’s massive Pop2 mixtape.

With a boost from Apple Music, and her consistent Spotify playlisting, Hanson is on track to conquer the summer, and Gen Z ears everywhere. Now that’s a mood.

Tonight, Hanson plays The Mint in Los Angeles, her first live performance, which coincides with her birthday. Buy your tickets here.


Carlie Hanson "Mood"

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