Sustainable Sound: DJ Duo Forester Releases Their Debut Album

Over the course of 'Kerosene,' the LA based duo looks to nature for inspiration in a medley of electronic tunes.
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After stepping away from the studio and into the wild in order to curate their new sound, Los Angeles-based DJ duo David Parris and Xander Carlson are back under the name Forester. The duo immersed themselves in the great outdoors when creating their debut album Kerosene, which released today, September 6th. The nine-track medley combines organic elements with synthetically produced sounds, resulting in a nature-infused synth dream selection that marries indie acoustic folk with electro-pop energy tunes.


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Photos via Instagram / @forestermusic

“The clash between city and nature is a prominent theme in our lives at this time,” the duo said of the album's inspiration. The "city" aspect comes through in the electronic portion, whereas "nature" of course refers to the organic end of the all-encompassing tunes.

Not only does Forester possess versatile musical talent, but the duo is using their position to help the environment. After doing some research on sustainability and climate, the duo proposed that for every 12,000 streams, they will be teaming up to plant 14 trees in an effort to work towards net-zero carbon impact using the streaming of their music. It seems fitting that at the same time as fires are destroying much of the Amazon, Forester will be working to plant trees in major areas of deforestation. What more could we ask for?

You can stream Kerosene on Spotify below. Listen as many times as you want, knowing that beyond experiencing the eclectic sounds the duo has produced, your choice will help the earth.



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