Grammys 2020: How to Watch and Stream Music's Biggest Awards Show

With nominees including Lizzo, Lil Nas X, and Billie Eilish, this is an awards show you won't want to miss.
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Awards season is in full swing! Following a Golden Globes full of red carpet moments and celebrity political commentary, it's almost time to watch and stream the Grammys 2020 ceremony, which will celebrate some of the year's best music, from Lizzo and Billie Eilish's breakout moments to Ariana Grande and Beyoncé's continued success. We learned the nominations back in November, just before many of those same celebrities attended the American Music Awards, and on January 26 at 8 pm EST, the world will finally see who takes home the golden gramophones for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and more. Alicia Keys is hosting again and the list of performers is getting exciting, too: all of the above artists except Beyoncé are confirmed to take the stage, as are the Jonas Brothers, Tyler, the Creator, and more. If one thing's for sure, it's that the Grammys 2020 ceremony is not to be missed.

But how will you watch the Grammys 2020 show? If you're not using a TV, watching the awards show will take a bit more planning, but we've found some options so you can stop worrying about how you'll catch your favorite artist's big win and start jamming out to the night's performances. Read on to learn five ways to watch and stream the Grammys 2020.


Your first option is CBS, which is the host network as usual for the Grammys 2020. If you have access to a TV (or are planning a watch party with a friend who does), you're all set—just flip to the channel when it's time for the show. CBS also offers a streaming service, CBS All Access, where you can catch the show on any device. Full disclosure, though, that you can't log in with a TV provider password like you can on some other networks: the service costs $5.99 per month, but there is a weeklong free trial. CBS All Access does have on-demand content in addition to live streaming, so if you opt to use the trial, it's definitely worth checking out. You also can catch Entertainment Tonight's red carpet coverage here starting at 7 pm, and how nice would it be to have your night's watch agenda all in one place?

Youtube TV

One of the most popular places to enjoy music-focused content, YouTube will offer a Grammys 2020 stream through its YouTube TV service. You've probably got notifications to try this feature out while opening the app to check out Emma Chamberlain's latest video or listen to some ASMR, so if your answer has repeatedly been "not now," good news: though the service costs $50 per month, a five-day free trial awaits. Your night will be as fun as a major star's music video premiere as you alternate between enjoying the show and reading the comments section.

Hulu Live TV

Many of us are already Hulu fans—with original shows like The Handmaid's Tale, The Act, and Looking for Alaska among plenty of other content, how could we not be? And while most probably have one of the lower-end plans, Hulu offers a Live TV service that you can use to stream the Grammys 2020. It starts at $55 a month, but you get a seven-day free trial to decide if you like the service.


Formerly called DirecTV Now, AT&T TV Now offers packages with channel options including HBO, MTV, and Hallmark. The Grammys stream here every year, so you'll be sure not to miss any of the performances and awards, no matter what screen you use. A seven-day free trial is available here as well, so if you try this service (which is $65 a month if you commit), we recommend using your time wisely by exploring the full range of offerings during your post-ceremony burst of energy.


While we cannot guarantee success here, Twitter is home to a lot of music stan communities. Sometimes, if any of their favorites are performing, presenting, or nominated on the show, someone will stream it so fans worldwide can easily watch. Last year, fans of a certain K-Pop group we love posted a stream, and to figure out who might help the general public for the Grammys 2020, just peek through the nominations, pay attention to presenter and performer announcements, and think about who has the most active fanbases. This isn't always the easiest or safest way to watch—streams can be laggy, and they often get taken down—so you might have a smoother experience using one of the other services, but if you're not prepped to pay or do a free trial, Twitter might help you to see the Grammys 2020. Also, the Recording Academy and CBS will be airing red carpet content via the social media platform, so you can see all the best looks as well as what the stars have to say about the big night.


Of course, if red carpet content is what you're looking for, E! will help you out. Starting at 6 pm EST on Twitter, Hulu with Live TV, and Youtube TV (hooray for choices!), you can catch all the best Grammys 2020 looks by tuning into the show, which has been on air since 1996 and can sometimes arguably be the true main event. Will Lizzo sport another meme-worthy look? Who will create the latest high-fashion interpretation of Billie Eilish's signature aesthetic? By tuning in here, you'll likely catch most of the looks before they pop into your Instagram feed.


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