Pop Queen Kim Petras Has Gifted Us with yet Another Single

"Blow It All" is the third track the singer has released in just a matter of weeks.
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Just weeks after giving us single “Broken,” which debuted a new kind of sound, Kim Petras is kicking off the month with yet another track, this one titled “Blow It All.” And one thing's for sure: it's got us ready to blow all our money in just one night.

The new single is a feel-good track about being young and living in the moment. Lyrics like "Feel like I made it/Waited all my life" have Petras reminiscing about how far she’s come, and now that she’s made it, she’s ready to seize the night. As she sings "Tonight, we live like we're not gonna die," there’s nothing more we want to do than dance the night away without a worry in the world.

Petras furthers her musical experimentation on this latest single, straying away from her usual pop-laden sound and mixing in some hip-hop vibes instead. But fear not, the singer’s party lyrics are ever-present.

With this being the third single released in just a matter of weeks, Petras is clearly on a roll. Just last month, she confirmed she was working on an album and announced that volume two of Turn Off the Light, her third EP, will be released in October.

Check out the lyric video for “Blow It All” below.

"Blow It All" Lyric Video

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