Meek Mill Launched His Own Music Label with Jay-Z

Dream Chasers is now in business.
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Meek Mill is partnering with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation to launch his own music label, Dream Chasers. The official signing occurred at a small press conference in Roc Nation’s New York City headquarters, and the rapper's next mission is to discover and develop the world’s next star.

As president of Dream Chasers, Meek Mill will oversee business operations and hire a team to sign and cultivate new artists, while also handling the firm’s creative strategy and marketing communications. The future of Dream Chasers will unfold within a recording studio where the label’s talent can work with a team of professionals to refine their sound. 

Mill is celebrating great musical success after three of his albums went platinum over the last several years. However, even with skyrocketing highs, his career has also had its fair share of challenges. Recently released from incarceration after facing drug and gun possession charges, the rapper has a new perspective and appreciation for his role in the world.

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“Coming out of prison, I felt I had a responsibility to lead the culture as much as I can,” Mill told Variety. “Jay-Z and others that came before me were like the snow plow that made it easier for me and others. I want to be the snow plow of the next generation, taking on those responsibilities, trying to move forward and push the culture forward.”

Now that Mill is operating his own business, he takes the reins on satisfying his goals for self-improvement and doing his part to improve pop culture. The label has yet to sign its first talent, but the roster of selected artists will certainly get the professional guidance necessary to catapult them into the industry.



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