Nasty Cherry is a Modern Rock-and-Roll Spice Girls

With a Netflix series out now and an EP about to drop, the four-piece girl band is making waves in pop music—and they're not stopping any time soon.
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“WE’RE NASTY CHERRY AND WE’RE THE BEST BAND OF 2019,” reads the caption of Nasty Cherry’s first-ever Instagram post, which went up on New Year's Day. Throughout this year, the London-based girl band has earned their unabashed confidence—they broke out into the pop scene with four stunning singles, played a sold-out New York show, and now, they have their own Netflix series. 

Nasty Cherry—comprising drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson, bassist Georgia Somary, lead singer Gabbriette Bechtel, and guitarist Chloe Chaidez—formed under the direction of Charli XCX in early 2019. The mega pop star hand-picked the four badass girls for the project, guiding them and signing them to her label, Vroom Vroom Recordings.

Photo by Tsarina Merrin

“I love the idea of being in a modern day rock ‘n roll Spice Girls, and our fans seem to be along for the ride," said Bechtel. "It’s such a dream." Nasty Cherry is releasing their debut EP, Season 1, this Friday (November 22), and fans new and old won’t want to miss it. 

It's been a big month for the Cherries in general: I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry, which came out on Netflix on November 15, chronicles the process of creating the group, joining forces with Charli (who also stars in the show), and developing a sound that’s entirely their own. Behind-the-scenes footage showcases what it’s like to be in a rising pop band, from rowdy parties to late-night studio sessions, 15, and the result is as sweet as (Nasty) cherry pie.  

Nasty Cherry is clearly just getting started, so L’Officiel USA asked the group all of your burning questions about the show, working with Charli XCX, and how they’re making the best girl band of the decade.

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So, what can fans expect to see in I’m With The Band

Debbie Knox-Hewson: Emotional breakdowns, parties, huge fashion moments, songwriting from all angles, [and] hangovers. I’d love people to watch it and think, fuck, I relate to those women and how they navigate things.


Do you have any favorite behind-the-scenes moments from filming the show?

DKH: [It] probably doesn’t sound that cool, but the camera team surprised me one day with French baguettes they’d got from a proper European bakery because I was really homesick for proper bread. We all just sat there together eating them all with jam and butter for an hour. I’ve never seen so many people so happy at 8 a.m.


What’s been the most rewarding part about the fan reception and feedback for Nasty Cherry?

Gabbriette Bechtel: People’s understanding of the project and each of our personalities. I love the idea of being in a modern-day rock ‘n roll Spice Girls, and our fans seem to be along for the ride. It’s such a dream.


Charli brought you all together for the project, and then you lived together. How did being roommates shape the development of the band?

Georgia Somary: It’s made us very close! We all feel very uninhibited around one another and everyone is free to share all their ideas for Nasty Cherry.


How has working with Charli sonically influenced Nasty Cherry? 

GS: Working with Charli has really sonically influenced Nasty Cherry. I think it’s encouraged an attitude and confidence that we try to show in every song. We want people to hear that we love what we’re doing and we don’t really give a fuck what anyone thinks

Can you tell us what we can expect from your new EP, Season 1?

GS: It has songs on it that you can see us write in I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry, and also some songs you haven’t heard. It might be the best thing ever!


What’s your favorite music video you’ve made and why?

GB: Ah, I can’t pick! They’ve all been so special in different reasons. Each girl in this band has such a unique perspective when it comes to aesthetics that when we come together I think it makes for something very visually interesting.


Who are some of your biggest style inspirations?

Chloe Chaidez: Suzi Quatro, Criss Angel, and Gwen Stefani


Any dream collaborations? 

GB: Michelle Obama. I think she and I would come up [with] something pretty special.


You’re bandmates, but you’re also great friends. What’s your ideal way to spend a day off together?

CC: Eat Sweetgreen salads and dance our asses off. 

You can stream Season 1 below.



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