On the Road with UPSAHL

After unveiling her vibrant debut EP, 'Hindsight 20/20' last year, the singer embarked on a massive tour across the US, which ends tomorrow at the Troubadour in LA.
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A bubbling pairing of jazzy romance and rad emotion, 20-year-old UPSAHL has finally debuted her highly anticipated Hindsight 20/20 with Arista. 

The Phoenix native impressed us not long ago with her bold and saucy single "Drugs," shedding light on the artist’s abiding self-assurance, bohemian soul, and unmistakable spunk. With 600K worldwide streams and rising, "Drugs" is still climbing the ladder of applause with listeners becoming almost instantaneously mesmerized by Upsahl’s intoxicating voice. 

"All My Friend’s Are Rich," opens the debut track, creating an equilibrium between sleek and satirical with an interesting, almost comedic portrayal of 'big spenders.' In "Stressed" we are the receivers of a confession of an Upsahl who overthinks "like it’s my job to lose my mind." The rest of the tracks expand on this personal, intimate self-reflection, leading up to "Fine," sweeping between high and low notes in a refreshing sort of gloomy comfort, I hope you are fine. 

Upsahl first began releasing songs as a teenager, quickly gaining recognition amongst the Phoenix music scene. She graduated from the Arizona School for the Arts with training in piano, guitar, and choir. She went on to become an adored talent amongst several indie visionaries. With singles such as "Can You Hear Me Now," "Kiss Me Now," and "Rough" receiving rapid viral buzz when Upsahl was only 18, the cryptic, yet charming aura that seems to surround Upsahl has resulted in her name becoming regularly used amongst NYLON, Consequence of Sound, Indie Shuffle, Ones to Watch, The Line of Best, along with a number of other notable publications. 

Produced during a period of transformation in UPSAHL’s life in 2018 as she was making the transition between life in Phoenix to life in LA, the EP became a way for her to make sense of the changes that were unraveling in her life between her social, personal, and even professional experiences. "I was writing songs every day and learning to be alone while all of my friends went to college and were doing college things." For UPSAHL, Hindsight 20/20 is a look by the artist of this time of growth, detailing all the emotions, thoughts, and opinions that have come together to make her the stunning singer she is today.


This was taken about 4 shows into the tour. I guess you could say that my suitcase really kept things exciting every night. You never know what you were gonna find every time you opened it. 


This was the venue used in Prince's 'Purple Rain.' Really proud of this photo because we used a self-timer...somehow managed to get onto this stage in less than 10 seconds. Prince would be proud. 


First show I've ever played in New York City! I've wanted to live in New York since the first time I visited a couple of years ago, so to be able to play a show there with a kickass crowd was an absolute dream. 


People keep asking how it feels to be on tour...Dirty. I didn't realize what a luxury a washing machine was until I started washing my socks and underwear in hotel sinks. Gotta do what you gotta do!



I like to call this piece: Boob Slip in Toronto. Happens to the best of us. 


I think the biggest skill I've learned on tour is how to get fully ready in the backseat of a car and then use a self-timed photo as a mirror at the end. 


Action shot of me kicking all the negativity out of my life. Get it? Cause it's a kick drum? On the real though, being on tour is so fun because you kind of forget about everything else going on in your life and just focus on giving the best show possible each night. 


Had a day off in NYC. So naturally, I went to a rooftop party with my parents.


It ain't a tour if you don't have a self-branded flask with you, am I right?


This photo was taken at 3 AM as we were getting into our hotel after a show in Atlanta. I feel so lucky to have the most talented band ever. Seriously, Alex and Ross are the shit. 


This tour has been the best experience of my life, and I feel so lucky to get to play shows in front of new people every night. If someone told me today I could never go home and had to live out of a suitcase forever and keep touring, I'd be down. 

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