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Bill Cosby May Go To Prison, But His Hollywood Star is Free

Almost thirteen years later, the disgraced actor's career is unrecognizable.
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On Tuesday, Bill Cosby was finally passed judgment for sexual assaulting Andrea Constand. Sentenced for three to 10 years, the one-time television star was also ordered to pay $25,000 plus prosecution fees as part of the sentencing. The story first broke in 2005 when Constand reported to the police that she was assaulted by Cosby. Relaying an incident involving drugging and rape, the case was settled in civil court. Years later, more victims of Cosbys’ came forth, and thus begin the end of his career. Cosby’s scandal would begin the age of #MeToo, and where it would all eventually lead. But considering how influential the actor was, Hollywood is being surprisingly nonchalant about the entire incident. Responding to news that Cosby’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star would still be cemented into Los Angeles’s infamous boulevard, many were infuriated. It's been vandalized twice, it’s clear that many want Hollywood’d slate wiped clean of the criminal. Hollywood on the other hand, had something else to say.

Source: Washington Times

"The stars only commemorate the recipient's professional accomplishments,” explained in a statement.“It is regrettable when the personal lives of inductees do not measure up to public standards and expectations; however, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce does not remove stars from the Walk of Fame. Unfortunately, the general public will always be reminded of the actor whenever they walk in Los Angeles. And while it’s technically fair that one’s scandals don’t define one’s career, but in 2018, amidst all the #MeToo horror stories, perhaps it’s time for Hollywood to refine its guidelines of celebrity preservation.



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