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Ford Models and DoSomething.Org Just Released a Powerful New Video

If this call to arms doesn't leave you feeling inspired, we don't know what will.
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Ford Models and DoSomething.org have just teamed up on an inspiring new video that seeks to inspire people to keep fighting against the social injustices that are currently running rampant in our country: racism, inequality, homophobia, sexism (the list goes on). The video features Ford faces — including Andreja Pejic, Josephine Le Tutour, Danny Pimentel, Ansley Gulielmi, and more — offering personal testimonials as to why these issues matter to them, and why we need to work together in combatting them. The folks at Ford and DoSomething.org know that Americans are growing fatigued by the seemingly constant threats against us, which is all the more reason to inspire others to keep on fighting. 

DoSomething.org is the world's leading organization devoted to social justice and community service (it currently has 5,500,000 members). Head over to their website here to learn how you can get involved, and be sure to watch the video below to brighten up your morning.

Ford Models + DoSomething.org


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