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A Saudi Woman Made A Rap In Honor Of The Abolition Of A Sexist Law

Celebrations are taking place in Saudi Arabia and across the globe as women are now officially allowed to drive in every country. As if we needed an even greater reason to sing and dance, Leesa A's commemorative rap has us on our feet.
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The tenth day of the tenth month in the Shuval Islamic calendar (or, June 24, 2018) marks a triumphant day for Saudi women and women across the globe, and we can't think of a better celebratory anthem than YouTuber Leesa A's aptly named song and music video, We Are Driving.

"Do not forget the day 10/10. Do not forget that today there is no need for a taxi. I'm not kidding -today I can move on my ownt," raps Leesa.

Until recently, Saudi Arabia remained the only country in the world where women were forbidden to drive vehicles. Now, the brave work of local and international activists has paid off: women are officially allowed to sit behind the wheel.

This lifted ban is one of hopefully many initiatives of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's program to modernize Saudi society, and we look forward to hearing more anthems in the future.

Celebrate with us and watch the Leesa A's We Are Driving is music video below:

And here is the music video:

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