Diamonds are Forever a Girl's Best Friend

The final installment of L'OFFICIEL's global shopping survey showed that nothing brings the heat quite like white-hot ice. 
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Earrings Chopard by Jennifer Livingston for L'OFFICIEL Winter 2020.

While many new fashion trends like Cottagecore or Dark Academia style emerged this year in response to the events of the world around us other fashion directions remained consistent with history. In addition to classic-shaped handbags and cool-approved headwear, women right now are desiring diamonds more than anything else—at least according to L'OFFICIEL's Fall/Winter 2020 shopping survey, which polled readers across the globe on Instagram. And it's for good reason. There is an economical correlation between diamond prices and the strength of the global economy. While we may not know how that market-based relationship truly affects the desires of individual shoppers, there of course is the escapist fantasy of needing extra sparkle in a time of darkness.  

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Necklace Da Beers

As such, L'OFFICIEL's survey reflected that 70 percent of women prefer diamonds over other gemstones. In that subsection, many shoppers had the holidays in mind when they selected Chopard's emerald green danglers, which are outlined in a beautiful diamond oval at their crest. For the rest of the new year's special occasions, a majority of others preferred their ice on full display as rendered beautifully in this Da Beers dewdrop necklace. 

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Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," Kylie Jenner as Monroe by Greg Swales.

Of course, diamonds have long been a girl's best friend. And like Marilyn Monroe's famous act—which has been revisited by everyone from Nicole Kidman in The Moulin Rouge to Kylie Jenne—the desire continues on and on. 



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