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Candles to Buy For Everyone in Your Life This Holiday Season

We've pared it down for you.
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The holidays are here, and for those of us who are bad at gifting, that means one thing: candles. Despite the fact they're often lampooned as a holiday gift, candles still serve as one of the lowest stress and most favorable gifts you can get anyone. Because, genuinely, who doesn't like or want a new candle? If you keep your house neat and tidy, it's a great way to put the finishing touches on an already perfect home. If your home is messy (which there is no shame in), it serves as a way to add a bit of order to something otherwise unruly. No matter what, a candle is always a wonderful gift to receive, and we put together a guide to make giving them a little easier.

For the Best Friend

D.S. & Durga, an artisan parfumerie located in Brooklyn, knocked it out of the park with this candle. Its description as "Electric crackle, downpour, panic grass, sizzling asphalt steam. Respite on muggy summer days," might seem odd, but it rings accurate once the fresh and citrusy candle is burning in your living room. It's the perfect gift for a pal: light, fun, clever, and quite beautiful.

$65 from

For the Co-Worker

Despite the fact you've sat next to them all year, you might not feel totally close with your office friend. That's completely understandable, but also makes gift-giving difficult to navigate. You want to show your appreciation, but not to give anything too personal. Commodity's Oolong is perfect for that.

“I wanted the smell to translate into an escape to a spa-like space. By enhancing certain notes, I was able to obtain that exotic tea-like aroma that is addictive, yet leaves you with a sense of utter tranquility,” Donna Ramanauskas, a Master Perfumer at Commodity said about the candle. Basically, it's the perfect gift for someone who is exactly as permanenly stressed out as you.

$55 from

For the In-Laws

This list wouldn't be complete without Diptyque's holiday offerings, and the constellation-inspired set they've released in tandem with Philippe Baudelocque this year doesn't disappoint. At the top of our list for the in-laws is Firey Orange, designed with the cosmic dragon in mind. As you may expect, it keeps burnt orange peel at the forefront of its scent, while backing it up with more citrus and cozy, woody spices. It's the perfect candle for a house that feels like home, and one your in-laws will greatly appreciate.

$35 or $75 from

For the Girlfriend

Roses, roses, roses. Is there anything dreamier than the scent of the ultimate romantic flower? We associate roses with the delicate and feminine, which is what makes Byredo's Rose Water the perfect candle to get your girlfriend or femme significant other. Its top, heart, and base notes all are rose-based, with only a little bit of geranium thrown in the heart notes to deviate from the scent. It's romantic, and sure to last a whole lot longer than a bouquet.

$80 from

For the Mom

Love 'em or hate 'em, the holidays always means an onslaught of festive scents, and your mom is probably going to buy at least one candle of the like. We would suggest trying to make sure it's a nice one, because a cheap one always ends up smelling like chemicals and making someone at the dinner table nauseous. Our personal favorite for this year? NEST's Sugar Cookie candle. It combines Tahittian vanilla, bourbon infused caramel, sugarcane, and amber in a blend that definitely smells like sugar cookies, but is light enough that it can keep burning after the holidays are done.

$40 from

For the Boyfriend

Another Brooklyn-based perfume brand, Carlen, has officially created the most design-friendly candle for the holiday season. With white wax poured into black concrete, it can hang out anywhere and in anyone's house and still fit in. It comes in a few scents, but the scorched-wood Pompeii 79 is the perfect gift to get someone who has a fleeting interest in scented candles, but could still use one anyway (or who is too afraid to admit they want one). 

$85 from



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