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The Postmodern Furniture Pieces Taking Over Instagram

From funky '70s Italian designs to Memphis Group homages, postmodern furniture is the latest Instagram trend.
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Chances are, you've seen that pink wavy mirror before. Whether in a mirror selfie taken by Bella Hadid or perched in the background of a chic interior photographed for a design magazine, the Ultrafragola mirror by Italian architect Ettore Sottsass was impossible to ignore last year. In fact, several iconic postmodern furniture pieces have been enjoying a renaissance. As lockdown continues and we spend more time at home than ever, there is comfort to be found in the whimsical designs popularized during the '60s and '70s.

Instagram has also become a treasure trove of vintage dealers, with accounts like Home Union and Adaptations NY posting one-of-a-kind pieces from '80s laminate dressers to Caprani floor lamps, some of which sell out in a matter of hours. Here, L'OFFICIEL rounds up the postmodern pieces that have been taking over the homes and Instagram feeds of the design-inclined. 

Ligne Roset Togo Sofa

1604007721470826 postmodern furniture instragram ligne roset togo

Designed by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset in 1973, the Togo is equal parts sculptural and inviting. Described by its creator as a "tube of toothpaste folded over on itself like a stovepipe and closed at both ends," the Togo's bold design is impossible to ignore, making it the perfect accessory for Instagram influencers and vintage furniture dealers alike.

Ultrafragola Mirror

1604007768676118 postmodern furniture instragram ultrafragola wavy mirror

Translating to "ultimate strawberry" in Italian, the Ultrafragola mirror was designed by architect Ettore Sottsass as an homage to femininity. The instantly-recognizable mirror appears to be made for the selfie era, and mirror pics taken in the wavy-edged decor piece quickly became a status symbol.

Knoll Cesca Chair

1604007780650562 postmodern furniture instragram cesca chair

Legendary architect Marcel Breuer designed the Cesca chair while a student at the Bauhaus in 1928. The chair enjoyed a revival in the '60s and '70s, and today populates the homes and Instagram feeds of the design-inclined. A juxtaposition of both the natural and industrial, the cane and tubular steel chair fits into most any decor style.

Murano Glass Mushroom Lamp

1604007792191400 postmodern furniture instragram mushroom lamp

As we all spend more time indoors, we'll take any excuse to add a touch of whimsy to our homes. Enter the Murano glass mushroom lamp, whose charming shape and warm glow is both functional and comforting. Not to mention it looks great perched on a credenza.

Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

1604007808353214 postmodern furniture instragram bellini sofa

The modular Camaleonda sofa was designed by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia in 1970, and is revered by the design world. Bulbous and structured, the Camaleonda was produced only in the '70s, until being reissued for the first time earlier this year. 

Kartell Pilastro Stool

1604007926557848 postmodern furniture instragram pilastro stool

The Pilastro stool was released by Kartell as a tribute to Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis Group, which created the abrasive and colorful designs the '80s became known for. This playful stool comes in bright colors and a glossy finish, and is the perfect accent piece for a hint of postmodern flair.



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