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Enjoy the Final Dog Days of Summer in Waterside Italian Style

NH Collection's picturesque Venetian boutique hotel, Palazzo Barocci, is a fusion of aristocratic elegance and amazing views perfect for your next getaway.
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Palazzo Barocci's grand, rosy building used to be a prestigious aristocratic palace. After its great construction, it was home to the iconic Sant Angelo theater, where composer Antonio Vivaldi and playwright Carlo Goldoni presented outstanding masterpieces. During the Napoleonic occupation, the Barocci family bought it and transformed it into a hotel. Today, it houses a charming boutique hotel by NH Collection that offers spectacular views of the Grand Canal, impeccable interior design, a patio, and a private dock. Its modern decoration fuses eclectic modernity with storied charm. The interiors emphasize the aristocratic character and at the same time retain an intimate, unique atmosphere for a memorable stay in Venice. Located in northern Italy, the picturesque ancient city comprises a group of 118 small islands, with more than 400 bridges spanning the small channels that separate them. Today it is the meeting point for international attractions such as the renowned Biennale, architecture events, and film festivals. It is a seductive and visually stunning city, with dome-topped elegant and historic buildings standing triumphantly between silent canals. To discover the destination at its fullest, it's best to get lost walking through its bridges and narrow alleys and visit its small, traditional restaurants (note from an experienced source: ask a local where they would actually go) to discover and enjoy the hidden treasures.

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The NH Collection has properties in more than 16 countries, and in Italy, this is one of the most exclusive of 13 complexes thanks to its location and views of the Grand Canal. From the room, guests will enjoy stunning sunsets, "water traffic," full moon nights, and historic buildings all around. The rooms are spacious with high ceilings, with 59 luxury rooms within the complex. One of its suites stands out for its double French doors that open onto a terrace with the best view to the Grand Canal. Undeniably, this site allows visitors to have a truly Venetian experience full of delight and luxuries amidst a tradition full of history.

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