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A Holiday Gift Guide for the Spiritually-Inclined

This holiday season is all about balancing your chakras, not your checkbooks. Whether you're shopping for a seasoned witch or a friend in need of some zen, we've got you covered.
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Chakra Crystal Kit

Whether its your sister Page who can't seem to shut up get her fifth chakra on lock or your friend who's always had an interest in the metaphysical but needs an easy intro, NYC-based apothocary shop Species By The Thousands has all the options. The Chakra Crystal Kit contains powerful stones for balancing the seven chakras, as well as an essential oil spray that contains ingredients for soothing all.

Available from Species By The Thousands for $32 here

Amethyst Cluster

According to Brooklyn-based wellness center Maha Rose, "Amethyst offers protection and purification, Divine connection, release of addictions" and is "extremely beneficial for the mind; improves mental focus and control, and helpful in decision making." We'll bet that you have more than a few friends and family members who could use some help in the aforementioned areas. Plus: who doesn't love a pretty stone?

Available from Maha Rose for $35 here.

Two-Tone Warmup Leggings

Yes, we all know that yoga makes you feel good, but why not look good while you're at it? A little extra flair can go along way in terms of motivation to get to the mat, especially when it comes to cold winter months. With an emphasis on community and recreation, Outdoor Voices provides a plethory of chic activewear that — thanks to fashion's obsession with the athleisure trend — you can easily mix and match into your every day wardrobe. 

Available from Outdoor Voices for $85 here.

Lady Dior Wheel of Fortune Handbag

Whether you believe in it or not, Tarot is having a moment right now. No one predicted (or perhaps instigated) this more than Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior, who has been sending Tarot-inspired pieces down her runways since she took up at the brand last year. This obsession reached its pinnacle with her most recent Resort collection, which has finally made its way in stores. Our favorite is the handbag featuring the wheel of fortune, but be warned: it costs as much. 

Available from Bergdorf Goodman for $4,900 here.

Earth Blend Essential Oil

Let's face it: the holidays can be stressful. Why not give the gift of relaxation? Enfleurage has aromatic blends, essential oils, and sprays of just about every scent the natural world has to offer. We recommend the Earth blend, which features a soothing mixture of sandalwood, myrrh, and cardamom. When everything feels up in the air, your loved one will be grateful for having this scent to ground them down.

Available from Enfleurage for $15 here.

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

A little-known fact about the tradition of Tarot is that it must be passed down from one person to the next; one cannot simply buy their own first deck. Another misconception is that one has to be a medium of sorts to practice the art. While there certainly are fortune-tellers out there who can predict your future, any practioner can use the cards to open up a pathway to the unconscious. And as far as decks go, you can't go wrong with the original Rider-Waite deck. 

Available from Namaste Bookshop for $24 here.

Namastay Mat

We all have that friend who is always saying that they've been "meaning" to try yoga, but it's been months now and you can't take any more of their stressed-out energy. Use this holiday season as the excuse to give them the ultimate hint: a yoga mat. There's a lot on the market, but Lulu Lemon's sustainably-sourced, extra grip design is a winning choice that will have your friend running to the nearest studio.

Available from Lulu Lemon for $78 here.

Intro to Meditation Kit

With mala beads for mantra chanting, an offering candle, a clear quartz crystal, an audio meditation guide, and a baby Buddha statue to boot, Mala Collective's Intro to Meditation Kit is the perfect starter pack for those looking to calm the mind. Not to mention, the packaging is as blissful as the end result. 

Available from the Mala Collective for $148 here.

The Secret Language of Birthdays

Here's one that will provide endless hours of entertainment for your chosen circle of family or friends. The Secret Language of Birthdays has been the bible for slumber parties and séances alike, offering in-depth psychological and pop cultural analysis for every day of the year. Basically, it's the perfect intro to the world of astrology.

Available from Amazon for $33 here.

Constellation Necklaces

Are you a Taurus sun sign, or do you identify more with your Scorpio rising? Whatever your astrological makeup is, wear it with pride (and a bit of gold or silver). Chloé offers chic constellation necklaces for each sign in the zodiac — one for each person in your life in need of a little cosmic flair for the holidays.

Available from Chloé for $252 here.



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