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The Assemblage’s New Wellness-Focused Hotel Is Just What You Needed

Tucked between the old stone buildings of lower Manhattan, a new hotel and co-working concept is offering a different kind of lifestyle.
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The Assemblage, a co-working space in NoMad, has just opened their new concept at 17 John Street, keeping the same wellness-focused curriculum for its members, but adding in features like hotels, juice bars, venues for live music, and a sprawling roof deck for events. 

It takes “wellness” to a whole new level. If the average neighborhood WeWork, of which there’s about as many as there are Starbucks, might have a cocktail hour on Thursdays or an ice cream social on Tuesdays, The Assemblage offers group meditation periods and elixirs to stabilize one’s aura at their desk. 

From the outside, you would never know that this place exists. The building is sandwiched between a Duane Reade and an old Irish bar. The lobby looks like any office elevator bank in the city. When you step off the elevator though, being greeted by sitar music and Palo Santo incense, it’s easier to have a clear head, sit down, and be productive. 

The co-working spaces at The Assemblage span three floors, sitting atop another two dedicated to communal dining and music/events spaces. 

Floors 9-14 of the building offer co-living spaces (Hotels, for the non-wellness minded.) Whether you dive in head first to the Eastern lifestyles that the space embraces or just enjoy a great hotel, The Assemblage exceeds expectations.

The décor in each room feels light, airy, and perfectly relaxing. Simplicity is key in designing any hotel room, and The Assemblage makes the most of each unique room’s space, using décor with simple, clean lines, in neutral-tones colors that promote a calming atmosphere. Staying at the hotel also offers access to all the building’s amenities and opportunities. 

“As we continue to expand our community in New York, we identified a need to add a co-living component to our second house,” said Beth Tufekcic, General Manager of The Assemblage John Street. “The John Street House is designed to allow our members and overnight guests a space for maximum productivity during the work day in an environment that promotes and encourages interconnectedness, coupled with enriching experiences benefitting the mind, body, and soul.” 

As co-working spaces of all different shapes and sizes crop up all over the city, from WeWorks and The Farm to more elevated and boutique options like Industrious or NeueHouse, The Assemblage is pushing the trend forward an extra step by creating a place that tracks the kind of person they see working here, and creating a day’s worth of activities to surround that person. It’s entirely possible that the right kind of member would go an entire day never leaving this building: eating wonderfully prepared food, waking up in the bright, clean room, working in the common spaces, and enjoying an elixir on the roof deck during lunch, and unwinding at night while watching the band play. 

At first glance, the space feels as though everyone has at one time or another followed Dead & Company on tour or knows what it means that Mars is in retrograde—but don’t let that discourage anyone that isn’t of that mindset, either. The new experiences that The Assemblage brings to blend your work life and home life with their co-living spaces could be the necessary change to get you excited for work the next morning. 

Head to The Assemblage for reservations and more.

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