7 Types of Mascara Brushes for 7 Different Lashes

Thin, short, light or dark: there's a type of mascara for each type of eyelash.
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Mascara is one of the most beloved beauty products of all time, on par with red lipstick. Practical and fast, a single pass is enough to revive a look, making it brighter and more feminine. At the core of makeup, eyes are the foundation. Without them, the finished result wouldn’t be the same. However, it is not easy to find the perfect mascara: some color but doesn’t stretch, some define but don’t curl, some stretch the lashes but they clump. Lots of this depends on the shape of the brush: in fact, there is an applicator for each type of eyelash. From the ball brush to natural bristles, here are 7 different types of brushes.

Curved brush

These brushes help curl eyelashes. This type makes them the most suitable applicator for those with straight or “droopy” eyelashes.

Comb brush

Love the natural look? The comb brush is for you. This brush separates and defines lashes perfectly.

Ball brush

One of the newest applicators that gives both volume and definition. Thanks to the sphere shape, the eyelash base can be trimmed and even the shorter ones can be brought in line.


One of the best brushes out there, this applicator captures all the lashes and adds volume while fanning them out.

Mascara, like foundation, is the basis of every successful make-up. And the right brush can make a big difference

Thin brush with natural bristles

It requires passing the brush through your lashes several times to create thickness. The shape and material that it’s made of, together with the texture of the product, helps create a subtle look. They’re perfect for somebody with thick and long eyelashes, needing only a little more definition.

Wide brush with natural bristles

If you’re looking for a natural and Bottlebrush look, then a wide brush with natural bristles is the right choice. With a soft applicator, you can comb through the lashes perfectly.

Hourglass brush made of synthetic fibers

With a wide base that gradually thins towards the tip, the hourglass brush increases lash volume while making them fuller. Particularly suitable for those with thin eyelashes and would like to see them more defined.

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