Dr. Barbara Sturm is Here to End Complicated Skincare Routines Once and for All

An expert on cell renewal and anti-aging, fashion insiders’ favorite skincare expert divulges her best beauty tips from home in Los Angeles.
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Skincare specialist Dr. Barbara Sturm wants to end complicated skincare regimens once and for all. Widely reknown in the fashion and beauty industries, this German aesthetics doctor is undoubtedly an innovator in the skincare space. Dr. Sturm is known for her anti-inflammatory and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. She rose to fame with her known treatments for inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis. Her "Kobe Procedure" treatment, named after the late NBA basketball icon Kobe Bryant, uses blood cells to produce proteins that reduce inflammation and stimulate the healing process.  

Dr. Sturm believes that the best skincare routine is an easy to follow one. Although her regimen is straightforward, her products are surely not. Her cruelty-free natural products contain advanced science ingredients to ensure healthy and safe skin. Furthermore, Dr. Sturm's mission is to create diverse skincare products that embrace the individual needs of each consumer's skin, but are suitable for all skin types. Her skincare products provide the necessary quarantine quartet of hydration, nutrition, regeneration, and glowing skin.  

Thankfully, her devotion to skincare hasn't stopped during quarantine. Even though her company's boutiques and spas are closed due to the pandemic, her team and online site are available to answer all your skin concerns in a complimentary 20-minute consultation via FaceTime, Whatsapp, phone call or email. She even hosted a global live fundraiser via Youtube to support frontline health workers and connect everyone in the name of skincare. Those who joined in on the fun recieved a complimentary 10ml Dr. Barbara Sturm face mask.

If you're like us and you're wondering what does a skincare expert do while isolated at home, we've gone ahead and talked to the revered doctor for you. Here's what the skin guru has been up to, and the secrets behind her best skincare routine.

How do you stay positive about the current situation?

I am by nature a positive person. So I always try to be optimistic, despite the ups and downs. And being with my family is so nice.


What is your daily routine?

I wake up very early in the morning because I'm in Los Angeles right now, and I work on a European time zone which is ahead of us. My team is spread over New York, London and Germany, so I have to get in touch with everyone in the morning. During this time, I also drink my coffee and try to work out quickly, usually during my calls. I also teach a lot of masterclasses until around 3 p.m. We are in contact with our offices in New York, London and Berlin for most of the morning, then afterwards I create a lot of content for magazine interviews and our own channels. Then I play with my five year old and we have dinner as a family. I go to bed early with my daughter Pepper between 8 and 9 p.m. and try to get as much sleep as possible.


Tell us about your essential outfit.

I usually wear sportswear or cardigans with matching t-shirts. Anything comfortable works. 


What do you cook for breakfast / lunch / dinner?

For breakfast, I always have a Bircher Muesli, which I prepare the day before. It is the most delicious and nutritious breakfast. For lunch, I usually make a healthy salad with green leaves, avocado, tomatoes, sometimes feta cheese and my homemade vinaigrette. For dinner, it can vary but I love to cook a Thai vegetable curry or teriyaki salmon with grilled vegetables. My daughter Pepper loves pasta, so I make lots of pasta with fresh mushroom sauce or, the other day, I created an arugula salad, pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes. We try to stay healthy but always have fun with tasty dishes.


What are your favorite apps right now and why?

I use Instagram as one of my main tools right now to communicate with our customers, but also to teach. There is the essential Zoom application, which we use with our team around the world and also to host our weekly masterclasses. Then YouTube, to broadcast our weekly Skin Schools live. Finally, I use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends all over the world.


What are the things that you have been able to achieve thanks to this situation?

I no longer to travel as much as I did before and I like it. I feel much healthier, stronger, calmer and happier to be in the same place for longer. I've learned that a lot of life changes have to be made. This is the perfect time when we should learn to treat the world with the respect it should have.


What changes do you hope this will bring to the world?

I would say that pandemics are a great challenge and a tragedy for the world but also an opportunity to make a transformation, hopefully into something better in the long run.


How should we take care of our skin during confinement?

Now is the time to really take care of your skin. Make sure you always hydrate yourself with a serum and wear protection that acts as a shield, like my anti-pollution drops, to defend your skin from the blue light we are exposed to from computer screens and our phone. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. For example, I like to wear my facial mask during the day. I also like to reapply facial mist throughout the day to make sure my skin stays hydrated.


What is the first thing you will do after quarantine?

Stay at home.

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