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Ferragamo Steps Into Italian Summer

Creative director Paul Andrew continued to shine with strong accessories, an easy palette, and a desire to evoke memories from a family photo.
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Can an old family photo turn into a standout fashion collection? The answer is yes, at least in the case of Paul Andrew, the creative director of Salvatore Ferragamo.

"At my mother's house, there is a frame resting on the fireplace," the designer explained. "It's a shot from the '80s featuring my brother and I as children during a family vacation in Italy. I saw it and I realized that was my point of departure for this season."

In an outdoor show at Rotonda della Besana, the '80s were alive again as Andrew presented a pared-down version of the style of a decade all about excess and getting noticed. There are indeed typical cues of that era, such as puffed trousers, statement sleeves, and pastel colors that dialogue with bolder shades like electric blue. But all of these eccentricities blend into a very contemporary recipe of elegance. 

What's more, the Italian summertime vibes of the show brought back Ferragamo's swimwear range amidst the light and simple looks that seemed ready for a day out in a heat wave. The brand's signature leather was still present, but appropriately scaled back—when it did pop up, it was in flowier pieces like jumpsuits and button-downs or open jackets that would be easy to throw on when nights are cooler. Additionally, Andrew finally offered his take on the brand's best-selling shoe, the Vara, slightly modifying the structure and pairing the style with ankle socks to present a refreshing new version he calls the Viva. It seems choosing a creative director whose primary background is in accessories design has continued to be a strong decision for the shoe-first brand, as the craft behind the footwear and bags continued to shine against a minimalist (for Italy) summer uniform.



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