Fashion Week

Models Just Wanna Have Fun at Tory Burch Spring 2019

Dressed in uniform tracksuits, models backstage at Tory Burch seemed unfazed during fashion week's chaos. Naturally, the girls gave us their best funny faces.
Photography by Stella Kim

While many brands have evolved over time, switching aesthetics to align with current trends, others stick to their roots. At Tory Burch, models backstage relaxed before the show in tracksuits in a classic red, white, and navy blue. Amidst all the controversy of the fashion industry not bringing in more diverse talent, Burch proved different, with models of all ethnicities gracing her stage.

Aligning with the brand’s ethos of wearable, comfortable, and stylish clothing, backstage during the show, the brand message is clear to both talent and consumers.

Scroll down to see for yourself backstage at Tory Burch Spring 2019.



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